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Prof. Dr. Ambre Luguet

Ambre Luguet







Poppelsdorfer Schloss
Room 2.101
Phone: +49 228 73-6816
E-Mail: ambre.luguet [at]


Scientific Career and Education



Professor (W2) in Isotope Geochemistry, Universität Bonn, Germany


Tenure-track Professor (W2) in Isotope Geochemistry, Universität Bonn, Germany


Assistant Professor (A13-akademische Rätin), Steinmann Institut, Universität Bonn, Germany


Part-Time Lecturer, University of Durham, UK


Assistant Professor, Magmatic Metallogeny Chair, UQAC, Canada


Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow,  University of Durham, UK


NERC Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Durham, UK


Carnegie Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA


Assistant Lecturer, MNHN, Paris.



Assistant-Exhibition "Diamonds", MNHN, Paris.



Ph.D., in Geochemistry and Mineralogy - Summa cum Laude
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.


DEA Methodes quantitatives et modelisation des bassins sédimentaires - Grade B
IFP, Univ. Paris VI & VII, EMP, IPGP, MNHN.


DEUG B, Licence and Maîtrise Earth Sciences - Grade B
Universite des Sciences & Techniques, Nantes, France.


Research Interest

  • Accretionary and Differentiation processes of the terrestrial planets
  • Chemical Evolution of the Earth.
  • Chemical Exchange/Interactions between the different Earth’s reservoirs ; from the core to the atmosphere.
  • Geochemistry of chalcogens (S, Se, Te) and highly siderophile elements (HSE : Os. Ir, Ru, Rh, Pt, Pd, Au, Re).
  • Applications of Pt-Os and Re-Os isotopic systems to geo and cosmochemistry.
  • Development of analytical methods for precise trace element and isotope ratio measurements


European, National, Privately-Funded Research Grants and Post-doctoral Fellowships

  • DFG Research Grant- LU1603/7-1 (2018-2021) «Chalcophile and highly siderophile element behaviour in subduction zones: The mantle wedge persperctive»  227900€(PI).
  • DFG Research Grant- LU1603/5-1 (2017-2018) «Platinum enrichment processes in ultramafic massifs of the Uralian Platinum belt, Russia» 4900 € (co-PI with C. Ballhaus (Univ. Bonn) and R. Wirth (GFZ Postdam)).
  • DFG Research Grant-LU1603/3-1 (2015-2018) «Chalcophile and highly siderophile element behaviour in subduction zones: implication for global recycling of crustal 186Os-187Os signatures» 175 850 € (PI).
  • DFG-INSA (Indian National Science Academy) Visiting Research Grant-LU1603/4-1 (2015) « Highly Siderophile Elements distribution and 187Os isotopic systematics of the mantle sequence of the Indo-Myanmar ophiolite belt, Northeastern India». Collaboration with Dr. Maibam Bidyananda, Manipur University- 7995
  • ERC Starting Grant (Consolidator)-Proposal FP7-258658 (2010-2016) «Early Earth Dynamics: Pt-Re-Os isotopic constraints on Hadean-Early Archean mantle evolution»- 1 307 106 € (PI).
    ERC Research Team:

Dr. Jude Coggon (Postdoc 2011-2015-Now at Southampton Uni),

Dr. David van Acken (postdoc 2013-2015, now at iCRAG, University College Dublin),

Dr. Ashlea Wainwright (PhD 2011-2015, Postdoc Mar-Oct 2015, now at Université Libre de Bruxelles).

  • DFG Research Grant-LU1603/1-1 (2009-2012) «Re-Os dating of micrometric Os-rich alloys and sulfides in mantle xenoliths from the Slave Craton : implication for craton formation and the Early Earth evolution »-176 000 € (PI).
  • Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellowship-MCF EIF-009752 (2005-2007) « Degasing systematics of Highly Siderophile Elements from magmas: New constrains on the convecting mantle, and the origins of global HSE anomalies in sedimentary rocks. »-111 000 €.
  • Carnegie Institution of Washington, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2002-2004)


Conference/Session Convened

  • Organiser of GeoBonn 2018 (DGGV, DMG, PalGes, DGG) with Nikolaus Froitzheim, Robin Strack, Thomas Martin and Gösta Hoffmann
  • Goldschmidt conference Sessions: “Melting, Overprinting, recycling: The making of Earth’s mantle over 4.5 billions of years”, Goldschmidt Conference, Paris (France), Aug 2017; «Siderophile and Chalcophile Element Systematics in Terrestrial Processes» session, Goldschmidt Conference, Florence (Italy), Aug 2013; «Peridotites and Eclogites: compositions, textures and micro-scale mineralogy» session, Goldschmidt Conference, Knoxville (USA), June 2010.
  • Lead Organiser of 3rd international workshop on «Highly Siderophile Element Geochemistry», July 2006, Durham UK.
  • Lead Guest Editor of the Chemical Geology Special Issue «Geochemistry of Highly Siderophile Elements », Vol 248, February 2008.
  • Goldschmidt Conference themes: ''The core and the Mantle'' with Helen Williams and Bernie Wood, Goldschmidt 2018 Boston. '' Earth's lithosphere formation and evolution from Hadean to Modern'' with Rajdeep Dasgupta and Tony Kemp, Goldschmidt 2020 Haiwaii.



Recipient of the “Lehrpreis 2017” (Teaching Price) of the University of Bonn

Recipient of the “Lehrpreis 2014” (Teaching Price) of the University of Bonn

BSc Module:

  • -Analytical geochemistry (module B56) (1h practical exercise/week)-discontinued in 2015

MSc Modules:

  • Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry (module M45) (2h lecture+2h exercise/week)
  • Volcanology (module M36) (3h lecture/week + 2 day excursion)
  • Cosmochemistry and Planetology (module M48) (3h lecture+ 1h reading seminar + 1h student presentation/week)


  • French Massif Central (10 days, run yearly-leader)
  • South Italian Volcanoes (10 days, run yearly-leader)
  • Eifel Volcanic Province (2 days, run yearly-leader)
  • Tanzania-Kenya (20 days-Mars 2017, co-leading with Dr. Schuth, Hannover University)
  • Kaiserstuhl Volcanic Field (2 days-June 2015, co-leading with Prof. C. Ballhaus)
  • Iceland (3 weeks-July/Aug 2015, co-leading with Dr. Schuth, Hannover University)
  • Syros (10 days-May 2015, co-leading with Prof. C. Ballhaus)
  • Bulgaria (10 days-March 2015, co-leading with Prof. N. Froitzheim)
  • Java-Bali (3 weeks-Aug 2008, co-leading with Dr. Schuth & Dr. König)
  • Cyprus (1 week-Jan 2005, tutor, excursion led by Prof. D.G. Pearson and Dr. G. Nowell, Durham University)

Short Courses

  • Isotope Geochemistry (University of Vienna, Nov 2012, 20h lecture)
  • Chalcophile and Highly Siderophile Element (HSE) Geochemistry (GSA & GS, Scripps Institution, Dec 2015, 2x1h lecture)
    • (i) Chalcophile elements in the Earth’s mantle
    • (ii) HSE and Os isotope signatures in the non-cratonic basalt-hosted peridotite xenoliths:
  • Melting and fluid/melt-rock reactions in the mantle (Winter School- University of Pavia, Italy, 2x1h lecture)
    • (i) HSE-Se and Te could be used as tracers of mantle processes
    • (ii) Mineral Scale to Whole-rock Signatures of Os isotopes in mantle rocks


Peer-Reviewed Publications

*Publications of the ERC project

[55] Schulz T., Sackl F., Fragner E., Luguet A., van Acken D., Abate B., Badjukov D.D., Koeberl C. (2020). The Zhamanshin impact structure, Kazakhstan: A comparative geochemical study of target rocks and impacts glasses. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 268, 209-229.

[54] Luguet A., Nowell G.M., Pushkarev E., Ballhaus C., Wirth R., Schreiber A. and Gottman, I. (2019). 190Pt-186Os geochronomter reveals open system behaviour of 190Pt-4He isotope system. Geo. Persp. Lett. 11, 44-48.

[53] Ozdemir S., Schulz T., van Acken D., Luguet A., Reimold W.U., and Koeberl C. (2019). Meteoritic highly siderophile element and Re-Os isotope signatures of Archean spherule layers from the CT3 drill core, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. Meteoritics & Planetary Science (in press), DOI: 10.1111/maps.13234

[52] Luguet A., and Pearson D.G. (2019). Dating mantle peridotites using Re-Os isotopes: The complex message from whole rocks, base metal sulfides and platinum group minerals. American Mineralogist (in press). DOI: 10.2138/am-2019-6557

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