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TSK 16-General information


TSK 16, the 16th Symposium "Tectonics-Structural Geology-Crystalline Geology", will take place at Bonn University, in cooperation with colleagues from Cologne University.


TSK, held for the first time in Tübingen in 1986, has a focus on tectonic processes. As the study of tectonic processes is by nature interdisciplinary, contributions from a wide range of disciplines dealing with tectonic processes are encouraged: structural geology, sedimentology, geophysics, metamorphic and magmatic petrology, geochronology, geomorphology, geodesy ...

Oral presentations of 15 minutes will be held in the plenum without parallel sessions; additionally, organized poster sessions with short presentation will be allotted substantial time. Presentations may be in English or German. Thematic workshops for students will be held before the conference (1.3.), A two-day field trip to classic outcrops of the Variscan slate belt and the Tertiary Lower Rhine Rift will take place post-conference (5.3-6.3.).

We look forward to welcoming you in Bonn!

The Organizing Committee: Niko Froitzheim, Ruth Keppler, Reiner Kleinschrodt, Tom McCann, Chris Ballhaus


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