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Davood Yosef Nejad

PhD student

Davood Yosef Nejad


Poppelsdorfer Schloss
Room 3.120
Fon: +49 228 73-3815
E-Mail:  Davood.yosefnejad [at]

Scientific Career


Field of Research

Ph.D Thesis:

“Kinematic and Geometric 3D modeling of Tectonic Structure”


“Experimental investigation & Simulation of asphaltene precipitation and deposition in one of the Iranian oil reservoirs”


“Gas Condensate Reservoir”




  • Yosefnejad, D.M., Nagel, T.J. & Froitzheim, N. (2017): Three-dimensional modelling of folds, thrusts, and strike-slip faults in the area of Val de Ruz (Jura Mountains, Switzerland). Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 110, 613-630.
  • Salimi, F., Yosef Nejad, D., Ayatollahi, S., Vafae, M. (2012): Experimental investigation of ions effect on asphaltene deposition in porous media. 4th national chemical Engineering congress, Sharif University
  • Mafi, V., Zargar, G., Sheikh Zakaria, J., Yosef Nejad, D. (2011): Miscible gas injection simulation and specification minimum miscibility pressure in one of Iraninan oil reservoirs. Journal of Oil & Gas Energy
  • Mafi, V., Zargar, G., Sheikh Zakari, J., Yosef Nejad, D. (2011): Immiscible gas injection simulation in one of the Iraninan oil reservoir. Journal of Oil & Energy


Conference Abstracts

  • Yosef Nejad, D., Nagel T.J., Froitzheim, N. (2016): Application of three-dimensional modelling: a case study from the Val de Ruz area (Jura Mountains). TSK 2016, Bonn, Germany.
  • Yosef Nejad, D., Nagel, T.J., Froitzheim, N. (2014): Three dimensional modeling of a fold and thrust belt. Student Technical Conference 2014, German SPE Section, Wietze, Germany
  • Yosef Nejad, D., Heidari, A., Jadaly, A. (2011): Experimental Measurement of Asphaltene Precipitation by solvents from one of the Southwest Iranian Crude Oil. Islamic Azad University of Mahshahr
  • Jadaly, A., Heidari, A., Yosef Nejad, D. (2011): Experimental investigation of heavy oil recovery by polymer injection. Islamic Azad University of Mahshahr


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