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ORG/GUTECH/EBR/14/014: Quaternary sea-level changes in Oman

Start of project:   April 2015
End of project:    March 2018


Understanding the local, regional, and global effects of sea-level change will remain at the forefront of scientific research for decades to come as coastal communities are increasingly exposed to the threat from instantaneous and long-term sea-level rise.

This projects aims at the quantification of sea level related long-term changes at the coastline of Oman. We propose a holistic high-resolution study that allows evaluating the vulnerability of the coastal areas, the communities as well as the infrastructure in terms of future changes.

Long term changes in sea-level due to solid earth’s response to climate changes as well as tectonics are the background rate upon which the hazard of anthropogenic sea level change and extreme inundations from tsunamis and storms must be superimposed. Instrumental records of sea-level rise provide unmatched resolution when investigating modern coastal hazards. However, the short time series obtained from such data likely miss the largest and lowest frequency events that are critical for understanding the maximum possible hazard. Hence, the only way to overcome this shortage is to study the geological record as proposed here.

Only this approach gives us the ability to understand hazards over timescales of centuries to thousands of years. Instrumental and geological data must be coupled to develop the necessary holistic view. Historical and archaeological records further help to connect these temporally disparate records.

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