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IGCP Project 639 "Sea Level Change from Minutes to Millennia"

Start of project:   2015
End of project:    2020

Sea-level changes over timescales from minutes to millennia are of great concern to coastal communities. Long-term changes in sea level due to the solid earths response to glaciation and tectonics are the background rate upon which the hazard from anthropogenic sea-level change and extreme inundation from tsunamis and storms must be superimposed. Short-term measurements from instrumental and historical records provide short glimpses at the hazard posed by sea-level change over varying temporal scales but must be placed within the long-term context that only geological and archaeological records provide.

This project will provide a platform for the development of integrated records of sea-level change and coastal hazards obtained from instrumental, historical, archaeological, and geological records. This project will place a particular focus on integrating disparate records in growth regions for science, namely in Africa, South America, and the Middle East, expanding upon previous coastal (495, 588) and delta projects (475) that focused for the most part on Europe and Asia. Further, this project expands upon the research theme of project 588 that focused on the impacts of humans on coastal landscapes. This project will result in a coastal hazard toolkit that can be applied by those most at risk from future coastal inundation.


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