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M. Sc. Michaela Falkenroth






Nußallee 8, Raum 26
53115 Bonn
Telefon: 0228 - 73 - 2488

Email: michaela.falkenroth [at]

PhD student, Working Group Environmental Geology


PhD project: "Beachrocks as sea level indicator" (funded by the Graduiertenförderung of the RWTH Aachen)

Supervisor: PD Dr. G. Hoffmann

Beachrocks are cemented coastal deposits, which can function as an indicator of past sea-level stands, especially along Quaternary coastlines. Challenges in determining the original position of the deposits relative to sea level causes errors in beachrock-based sea-level reconstructions to be very high in comparison to reconstructions based on other sea-level indicators.
This project aims to lower this error by deploying sedimentological facies analysis and petrographical methods to reconstruct the original, vertical position of beachrock-formation. Field sites are located in Oman, South Africa and the Mediterranean.


2017 – 2018
Research Assistant in Project DFG HO 2550/11-1: Quantification of relative sea level changes along the coastline of Oman (Arabian Sea), Department of Applied Geoscience, GUtech, Muscat, Oman

Student Assistant, Research Group: Environmental Geology, Steinmann Institute, University Bonn

2015 – 2016
Teaching Assistant, Research Group: Sedimentology, Steinmann Institute, University Bonn

2013 – 2018
Master of Science Geology, University Bonn

2010 – 2013

Bachelor of Science Geoscience, University Bonn


  • Valeska Decker, Michaela Falkenroth, Susanne Lindauer, Jessica Landgraf, Zahra al-Lawati, Huda al-Rahbi, Sven Oliver Franz, Gösta Hoffmann (accepted): Holocene mangrove ecosystems changes along the coastline of Oman. Quaternary Research.
  • Falkenroth, M.; Schneider, B.; Hoffmann, G. (accepted) Beach rock as sea level indicator: A case study along the coastline of Oman. Quaternary Science Reviews
  • HOFFMANN, G., SCHNEIDER, B., MECHERNICH, S. FALKENROTH, M., ERMERTZ, A., DUNAI, T. PREUSSER, F. (2020): Quaternary uplift along a passive continental margin (Oman, Indian Ocean). – Geomorphology 350.
  • Ermertz, A. M.; Kázmér, M.; Schneider, B.; Adolphs, S. K.; Falkenroth, M.; Hoffmann, G., 2019. Active tectonics of the Arabian passive continental margin in Oman.
  • Schneider, B.; Hoffmann, G.; Falkenroth, M.; Grade, J. 2018. Tsunami and storm sediments in Oman: Characterising extreme wave deposits using terrestrial laser scanning. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 156, 1-15.


  • Falkenroth, M. 2018. Sedimentology, Ichnology and Petrology of beachrock deposits on marine terraces between Dibab and Sur, Sultanate of Oman. Unpublished Master thesis, Working Group Environmental Geology, University Bonn.
  • Falkenroth, M. 2013. Sedimentological Facies Analysis of the Cearfai Group (Lower Cambrian), Wales. Unpublished Bachelor thesis, Working Group Sedimentology, University Bonn.