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Publikationen 2008

  • Acken D. van,Becker H. and Walker R.J. (2008)
    Refertilization of Jurassic oceanic peridotites from the Tethys Ocean — Implications for the Re–Os systematics of the upper mantle
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol: 268(1-2):171-181.
  • Al-Juboury A.I. and McCann T. (2008)
    The Middle Miocene Fatha (Lower Fars) Formation of Iraq
    GeoArabia, vol: 2008(13):141-174.
  • Averianov A.O.,Martin T.,Skutschas P.,Rezvyi A.S. and Bakirov A.A. (2008)
    Amphibians from the middle Jurassic Balabansai svita in the Fergana Depression, Kyrgyzstan (Zentral Asia)
    Palaeontology, vol: 51(2):471-485.
  • Bastian P.J.,Lörken M.,Euler H.,Lümmen G. and Bastian H.P. (2008)
    Ergebnisse der Harnsteinanalyse von uber 85337 Harnsteinen
    Aktuelle Urologie, vol: 39(4):298-304.
  • Benton M.J. (2008)
    The seventy great mysteries of the natural world
    Thames & Hudson, London and [New York]
    (ISBN: 9780500251430)
  • Bickelmann C. and SANDER P.M. (2008)
    A partial skeleton and isolated humeri of Nothosaurus (Reptilia: Eosauropterygia) from Winterswijk, The Netherlands
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 28(2):326-338.
  • Billet G.,Muizon C. de and Mamani Quispe B. (2008)
    Late Oligocene mesotheriids (Mammalia, Notoungulata) from Salla and Lacayani (Bolivia): implications for basal mesotheriid phylogeny and distribution
    Zoological journal of the Linnean Society, vol: 152(1):153-200.
  • Bungenstock F. and Schäfer A. (2008)
    Sequence stratigraphy in the coastal Holocene sediment wedge of Langeoog tidal basin, Southern North Sea.
    In: Exkursionsführer und Veröffentlichungen der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft: Field trip PRE2 – 26th IAS Regional Meeting / SEPM-CES SEDIMENT 2008 / 23. Sedimentologentreffen, 1.-3. September 2008, Bochum, ed. by EDGG, , pp. 68
  • Christoph M.,Fink A.,Diekkrüger B.,Giertz S.,Reichert B. and Speth P.
    IMPETUS: Implementing HELP in the Upper Ouémé basin
    Volume: 34 No.4, Special HELP edition 2008, vol: 2008:481-489.
  • Dale C.W.,Luguet A.,Macpherson C.G.,Pearson D.G. and Hickey-Vargas R. (2008)
    Extreme platinum-group element fractionation and variable Os isotope compositions in Philippine Sea Plate basalts: Tracing mantle source heterogeneity
    Chemical Geology, vol: 248(3-4):213-238.
  • Dasgupta S.,Raith M.M. and Sarkar S. (2008)
    New perspectives in the study of the Precambrian continental crust of India: An integrated sedimentologic, isotopic, tectonometamorphic and seismological appraisal
    Precambrian Research, (162):1-3.
  • Dittrich D. and Stets J. (2008)
    Rotliegend-Vorkommen im Trierer Stadtgebiet
    Mainzer geowiss. Mitt., vol: 2008(36):45-68.
  • Dlussky G.M.,Wappler T. and Wedmann S. (2008)
    New Middle Eocene Formicid Species from Germany and the Evolution of Weaver Ants
    Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, vol: 53(4):615-626.
  • Drozdzewski G.,Schäfer A. and Brix M.R. (2008)
    Late Carboniferous clastic sequences of the southern Ruhr Basin (Germany)
    In: Exkursionsführer und Veröffentlichungen der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft: Field trip PRE2 – 26th IAS Regional Meeting / SEPM-CES SEDIMENT 2008 / 23. Sedimentologentreffen, 1.-3. September 2008, Bochum, ed. by EDGG, , pp. 5-20
  • Eggert G.,Wollmann A.,Schwahn B.,Hustedt-Martens E.,Barbier B. and Euler H. (2008)
    When glass and metal corrode together. ICOM Committee for Conservation
    In: 15th Triennial Conference New Delhi, 22. - 26. September 2008, ed. by Managing Editor: Janet Bridgland, , pp. 211-216
    Allied Publishers: New Delhi
  • Euler H.,Bastian H.P.,Bastian P.J. and Lümmen G. (2008)
    Genaue qualitative und quantitative Harnsteinanalyse mit Hilfe der Rietveld-Methode (Röntgendiffraktion)
    Der Urologe, vol: 2008(47):1472-1479.
  • Festa G.,Kockelmann W. and Kirfel A. (2008)
    Neutron diffraction analysis of "black boxes"
    Archeometriai Mühely, vol: 2008(1):61-72.
  • Fischer K.F.,Kirfel A. and Zimmermann H. (2008)
    A concept for crystal structure determination without FOURIER inversion: Some steps towards application
    Croatica Chemica Acta, vol: 2008(81(2)):381-389.
  • Fonseca R.O.C.,Campbell I.H.,O'Neill H.S.C. and Fitzgerald J.D. (2008)
    Oxygen solubility and speciation in sulphide-rich mattes
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 72(11):2619-2635.
  • Forker M.,Bedi S.C. and Euler H. (2008)
    Nuclear quadrupole interaction studies of C15 RMn2 hydrides (R=Y, Gd, Tb, Dy)
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  • Fowler C.,Stead D.,Pandit B.I.,Janser B.W.,Nisbet E.G. and Nover G. (2005)
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  • Frankenhäuser H.,Franzen J.L.,Kaulfuß U.,Koziol M.,Löhnertz W.,Lutz H.,Mertz D.F.,Mingram J.,Wappler T. and Wilde W. (2007)
    Das Eckfelder Maar in der Vulkaneifel - Fenster in einem küstenfernen Lebensraum vor 44 Millionen Jahren
    Mainzer Naturwissenschaftliches Archiv, vol: 2007(47):263-324.
  • Froitzheim N. and Schmid S.M. (2008)
    Orogenic processes in the Alpine collision zone
    Swiss Journal of Geosciences, vol: 101(S1):1-3.
  • Froitzheim N.,Derks J.F.,Walter J.M. and Sciunnach D. (2008)
    Evolution of an Early Permian extensional detachment fault from synintrusive, mylonitic flow to brittle faulting (Grassi Detachment Fault, Orobic Anticline, Southern Alps, Italy)
    In: Tectonic aspects of the Alpine-Dinaride-Carpathian system, ed. by Siegesmund, S. and Fugenschuh, B. and Froitzheim, N., pp. 69-82
    vol: 298,
  • Froitzheim N.,Plasienka D. and Schuster R. (2008)
    Alpine tectonics of the Alps and Western Carapathians
    In: The geology of Central Europe, ed. by McCann, Tom, , pp. 1141-1232
    Geological Society, London
    (ISBN: 1862392455)
  • Gebhardt C.,Kühl N.,Hense A. and Litt T. (2008)
    Reconstruction of Quaternary temperature fields by dynamically consistent smoothing
    Climate Dynamics, vol: 30(4):421-437.
  • Gee C.T. (2008)
    Araucaria in Northern Queensland
    Newsletter, Friends of the Botanic Gardens Cairn, vol: 2008(49):5-6.
  • Gee C.T. (2008)
    Die Rückkehr der Rotter Pflanzenfossilien der Sammlung Statz aus den USA in den Rheinland
    Archäologie im Rheinland 2007, vol: 2008:35-37.
  • Gibbs G.V.,Downs R.T.,Cox D.F.,Ross N.L.,Prewitt C.T.,Rosso K.M.,Lippmann T. and Kirfel A. (2008)
    Bonded interactions and the crystal chemistry of minerals: a review
    Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials, vol: 223(01-02):01-40.
  • Gibbs G.V.,Downs R.T.,Cox D.F.,Rosso K.M.,Ross N.L.,Kirfel A.,Lippmann T.,Morgenroth W. and Crawford T.D. (2008)
    Experimental bond critical point and local energy density properties determined for Mn-O, Fe-O, and Co-O bonded interactions for tephroite, Mn2SiO4, fayalite, Fe2SiO4, and Co2SiO4 olivine and selected organic metal complexes: comparison with properties calculated for non-transition and transition metal M-O bonded interactions for silicates and oxides
    The journal of physical chemistry. A, vol: 112(37):8811-8823.
  • Guglielmetti M.,Schwank M.,Matzler C.,Oberdorster C.,Vanderborght J. and Fluhler H. (2008)
    FOSMEX: Forest Soil Moisture Experiments With Microwave Radiometry
    IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol: 46(3):727-735.
  • Heidecke C.,Kuhn A. and Klose S.Water pricing options for the Middle Drâa River Basin in Morocco
    African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, vol: 2008(Volume 2 No 2):170-180.
  • Heuser A. and Eisenhauer A. (2008)
    The Calcium Isotope Composition (δ 44/40 Ca) of NIST SRM 915b and NIST SRM 1486
    Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, vol: 32(3):311-315.
  • Hitz R.B.,Billet G. and Derryberry D. (2008)
    New Interatheres (Mammalia, Notoungulata) from the Late Oligocene Salla Beds of Bolivia
    Journal of Paleontology, vol: 82(3):447-469.
  • Horovitz I.,Ladevèze S.,Argot C.,Macrini T.E.,Martin T.,Hooker J.J.,Kurz C.,Muizon C. de and Sánchez-Villagra M.R. (2008)
    The anatomy of Herpetotherium cf. fugax, COPE, 1873, a metatherian from the Oligocene of North America.
    Palaeontographica Abteilung A, vol: 284(4-6):109-141.
  • Hummel J.,Gee C.T.,Südekum K.-H.,SANDER P.M.,Nogge G. and Clauss M. (2008)
    In vitro digestibility of fern and gymnosperm foliage: implications for sauropod feeding ecology and diet selection
    Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society, vol: 275(1638):1015-1021.
  • Ivanov D.,Utescher T.,Ashraf A.R.,Mosbrugger V.,Slavomirova E.,Djorgova N. and Bozukov V. (2008)
    Vegetation structure and dynamics in the late Miocene of Staniantsi Basin (west Bulgaria). First results
    Comptes rendu de lŽAcadémie Bulgare des Sciences, vol: 2008(61):223-232.
  • Janssen A.,Putnis A.,Geisler T.,Putnis C.V. and Golla-Schindler U. (2008)
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  • Joachim C. and Langer M.R. (2008)
    The 80 most common Ostracods from the Bay of Fetovaia, Elba Island (Mediterranean Sea)
    Druck im Selbstverlag, Universität Bonn, Bonn
  • Jödicke H.,Nover G.,Kruhl J.H. and Markfort R. (2007)
    Electrical properties of a graphite-rich quarzite from a former lower continetal crust exposed in the Serre San Bruno, Calabria (Southern Italy).
    PEPI, vol: 2007(165):56-67.
  • Kaiser S.I.,Steuber T. and Becker R.T. (2008)
    Environmental change during the Late Famennian and Early Tournaisian (Late Devonian–Early Carboniferous): implications from stable isotopes and conodont biofacies in southern Europe
    Geological Journal, vol: 43(2-3):241-260.
  • Kasztovszky Z.,Kis Z.,Belgya T.,Kockelmann W.,Imberti S.,Festa G.,Filabozzi A.,Andreani C.,Kirfel A.,Biró K.T.,Dúzs K.,Hajnal Z.,Kudejova P. and Tardocchi M. (2008)
    Prompt gamma activation analysis and time of flight neutron diffraction on 'black boxes{'} in the 'Ancient Charm' project
    Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, vol: 278(3):661-664.
  • Keiter M.,Tomaschek F. and Ballhaus C. (2008)
    The structural evolution of Kythnos Island (Cyclades, Greece) – a reconnaissance
    [Die strukturelle Entwicklung von Kythnos (Kykladen, Griechenland) – ein Überblick.]

    Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, vol: 159(3):513-520.
  • Kirfel A. (2008)
    Construction and Description of UNIBONN Black Boxes
    Archeometriai Mühely, vol: 2008(1):21-33.
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    Ontogenetic stages in the long bone histology of sauropod dinosaurs
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    Groundwater Quality in Ouled Yaoub
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    Bonn, Cologne
  • Koenigswald W. von (2008)
    Eine Reise ins Tal der Wale – Spurensuche zur Evolution
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  • Kraemer M.M.S. and Evenhuis N.L. (2008)
    The first keroplatid (Diptera: Keroplatidae) species from the Lower Eocene amber of Vastan, Gujarat, India
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    Caledonian Tectonics
    In: The geology of Central Europe, ed. by McCann, Tom,
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  • Königshof P. and Linnemann U. (2008)
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    Morphology, Palaeobiology and Phylogeny of Vachonisia rogeri (Arthropoda) from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück Slate
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    Ursprung der modernen Säugetiere
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  • McCann T. (2008)
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