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Publikationen 2012

  • Aarnes I.,Kühl N. and Birks H.H. (2012)
    Quantitative climate reconstruction from late-glacial and early Holocene plant macrofossils in western Norway using the probability density function approach
    Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, vol: 170:27-39.
  • Acken D. van,Brandon A.D. and Lapen T.J. (2012)
    Highly siderophile element and osmium isotope evidence for postcore formation magmatic and impact processes on the aubrite parent body
    Meteoritics & Planetary Science, vol: 47(10):1606-1623.
  • Acken D. van,Humayun M.,Brandon A.D. and Peslier A.H. (2012)
    Siderophile trace elements in metals and sulfides in enstatite achondrites record planetary differentiation in an enstatite chondritic parent body
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 83:272-291.
  • Al-Juboury A.I.,Ghazal M.M. and McCann T. (2012)
    Detrital chromian spinels from Miocene and Holocene sediments of northern Iraq: provenance implications
    Journal of GEOsciences, :289-300.
  • Antoine P.-O.,Marivaux L.,Croft D.A.,Billet G.,Ganerød M.,Jaramillo C.,Martin T.,Orliac M.J.,Tejada J.,Altamirano A.J.,Duranthon F.,Fanjat G.,Rousse S. and Gismondi R.S. (2012)
    Middle Eocene rodents from Peruvian Amazonia reveal the pattern and timing of caviomorph origins and biogeography
    Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society, vol: 279(1732):1319-1326.
  • Baganz O.W.,Bartov Y.,Bohacs K.M. and Nummedal D. (2012)
    Lacustrine sandstone reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems
    American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Tulsa, Okla., vol: 95
    (ISBN: 9780891813774)
  • Ballhaus C.,Gee C.T.,Bockrath C.,Greef K.,Mansfeldt T. and Rhede D. (2012)
    The silicification of trees in volcanic ash - An experimental study
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 84:62-74.
  • Becker A.,Schwarz M. and Schäfer A. (2012)
    Lithostratigraphic Correlation of the Rotliegend in the eastern Saar-Nahe Basin
    Jahresberichte und Mitteilungen des Oberrheinischen Geologischen Vereins, vol: 94:105-133.
  • Bergmann A.,Kühl G.,Drapatz H. and Rust J. (2012)
    Fossilien aus dem Hunsrückschiefer
    In: Paläontologie: 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft, ed. by Martin, T. and Königswald, W. von and Radtke, G. and Rust, J., , pp. 74-75
    Pfeil, München
    (ISBN: 3899371526)
  • Billet G.,Hautier L.,Asher R.J.,Schwarz C.,Crumpton N.,Martin T. and Ruf I. (2012)
    High morphological variation of vestibular system accompanies slow and infrequent locomotion in three-toed sloths
    Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society, vol: 279(1744):3932-3939.
  • Breede K. and Kemna A. (2012)
    Spectral induced polarization measurements on variably saturated sand-clay mixtures
    Near Surface Geophysics, vol: 10(1957)
  • Calvo-Marcilese L. and Langer M.R. (2012)
    Ontogenetic morphogenesis and biogeographic patterns: resolving taxonomic incongruences within "species" of Buccella from South American coastal waters
  • Caus E. and Langer M.R. (2012)
    The Journal of Foraminiferal Research, vol: 42(1):104-106.
  • Chen J.,Hubbard S.S.,Williams K.H.,Flores Orozco A. and Kemna A. (2012)
    Estimating the spatiotemporal distribution of geochemical parameters associated with biostimulation using spectral induced polarization data and hierarchical Bayesian models
    Water Resources Research, vol: 48(5):n/a.
  • Coggon J.A.,Nowell G.M.,Pearson D.G.,Oberthür T.,Lorand J.-P.,Melcher F. and Parman S.W. (2012)
    The 190Pt–186Os decay system applied to dating platinum-group element mineralization of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa
    Chemical Geology, vol: 302-303:48-60.
  • Domnik B. and Pudasaini S.P. (2012)
    Full two-dimensional rapid chute flows of simple viscoplastic granular materials with a pressure-dependent dynamic slip-velocity and their numerical simulations
    Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, vol: 173-174:72-86.
  • Drapatz H.,Kühl G.,Bergmann A. and Rust J. (2012)
    Röntgenblick in den Hunsrückschiefer
    In: Paläontologie: 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft, ed. by Martin, T. and Königswald, W. von and Radtke, G. and Rust, J., , pp. 40-41
    Pfeil, München
    (ISBN: 3899371526)
  • Ebinghaus A.,McCann T. and Augustsson C. (2012)
    Facies and provenance analysis of Paleogene-age alluvial conglomerates from the northern part of the Mesta Basin, SW Bulgaria
    Geological Journal, vol: 47(4):409-425.
  • Fischer J.-T.,Kowalski J. and Pudasaini S.P. (2012)
    Topographic curvature effects in applied avalanche modeling
    Cold Regions Science and Technology, vol: 74-75:21-30.
  • Flores Orozco A.,Kemna A.,Oberdörster C.,Zschornack L.,Leven C.,Dietrich P. and Weiss H. (2012)
    Delineation of subsurface hydrocarbon contamination at a former hydrogenation plant using spectral induced polarization imaging
    Journal of contaminant hydrology, vol: 136-137:131-144.
  • Fonseca R.O.C.,Laurenz V.,Mallmann G.,Luguet A.,Hoehne N. and Jochum K.-P. (2012)
    New constraints on the genesis and long-term stability of Os-rich alloys in the Earth's mantle
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 87:227-242.
  • Froitzheim N.,Weber S.,Nagel T.J.,Ibele T. and Furrer H. (2012)
    Late Cretaceous extension overprinting a steep belt in the Northern Calcareous Alps (Schesaplana, Rätikon, Switzerland and Austria)
    International Journal of Earth Sciences, vol: 101(5):1315-1329.
  • Gehler A.,Tütken T.,Pack A. and Farke A.A. (2012)
    Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Variations in a Modern Rodent Community – Implications for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions
    PloS one, vol: 7(11):e49531.
  • Geisler T.,Perdikouri C.,Kasioptas A. and Dietzel M. (2012)
    Real-time monitoring of the overall exchange of oxygen isotopes between aqueous and H2O by Raman spectroscopy
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 90:1-11.
  • Goin F.J.,Gelfo J.N.,Chornogubsky L.,Woodburne M.O. and Martin T. (2012)
    Origins, Radiations, and Distribution of South American Mammals,
    In: Bones, Clones, and Biomes: The History and Geography of Recent Neotropical Mammals, ed. by Patterson, B. D. and Costa, L. P., , pp. 20-50
    Published to Chicago Scholarship Online, Chicago
    (ISBN: 0226649199)
    Ontogenetic histology of Stegosaurus plates and spikes
    Palaeontology, vol: 55(1):145-161.
  • Hartkopf-Fröder C.,Rust J.,Wappler T.,Friis E.M. and Viehofen A. (2012)
    Mid-Cretaceous charred fossil flowers reveal direct observation of arthropod feeding strategies
    Biology letters, vol: 8(2):295-298.
  • Hermans T.,Vandenbohede A.,Lebbe L.,Martin R.,Kemna A.,Beaujean J. and Nguyen F. (2012)
    Imaging artificial salt water infiltration using electrical resistivity tomography constrained by geostatistical data
    Journal of Hydrology, vol: 438-439:168-180.
  • Hoorn C.,Straathof J.,Abels H.A.,Xu Y.,Utescher T. and Dupont-Nivet G. (2012)
    A late Eocene palynological record of climate change and Tibetan Plateau uplift (Xining Basin, China)
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol: 344-345:16-38.
  • Huguet C.,Fietz S.,Moraleda N.,Litt T.,Heumann G.,Stockhecke M.,Anselmetti F.S. and Sturm M. (2012)
    A seasonal cycle of terrestrial inputs in Lake Van, Turkey
    Environmental science and pollution research international, vol: 19(8):3628-3635.
  • Jahn-Awe S.,Pleuger J.,Frei D.,Georgiev N.,Froitzheim N. and Nagel T.J. (2012)
    Time constraints for low-angle shear zones in the Central Rhodopes (Bulgaria) and their significance for the exhumation of high-pressure rocks
    International Journal of Earth Sciences, vol: 101(7):1971-2004.
  • Jung S.,Vieten K.,Romer R.L.,Mezger K.,Hoernes S. and Satir M. (2012)
    Petrogenesis of Tertiary Alkaline Magmas in the Siebengebirge, Germany
    Journal of Petrology, vol: 53(11):2381-2409.
  • Kemna A.,Binley A.,Cassiani G.,Niederleithinger E.,Revil A.,Slater L.,Williams K.H.,Orozco A.F.,Haegel F.-H.,Hördt A.,Kruschwitz S.,Leroux V.,Titov K. and Zimmermann E. (2012)
    An overview of the spectral induced polarization method for near-surface applications
    Near Surface Geophysics, vol: 10(1957)
  • Kenkel J.,Hördt A. and Kemna A. (2012)
    2D modelling of induced polarization data with anisotropic complex conductivities
    Near Surface Geophysics, vol: 10(1957)
  • Kirchenbaur M.,Pleuger J.,Jahn-Awe S.,Nagel T.J.,Froitzheim N.,Fonseca R.O.C. and Münker C. (2012)
    Timing of high-pressure metamorphic events in the Bulgarian Rhodopes from Lu–Hf garnet geochronology
    Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol: 163(5):897-921.
  • Klein N. (2012)
    Postcranial morphology and growth of the pachypleurosaur Anarosaurus heterodontus (Sauropterygia) from the Lower Muschelkalk of Winterswijk, The Netherlands
    Paläontologische Zeitschrift, vol: 86(4):389-408.
  • Klein N.,Christian A. and SANDER P.M. (2012)
    Histology shows that elongated neck ribs in sauropod dinosaurs are ossified tendons
    Biology letters, vol: 8(6):1032-1035.
  • Klein N.,SANDER P.M.,Stein K.,Le Loeuff J.,Carballido J.L.,Buffetaut E. and Farke A.A. (2012)
    Modified Laminar Bone in Ampelosaurus atacis and Other Titanosaurs (Sauropoda): Implications for Life History and Physiology
    PloS one, vol: 7(5):e36907.
  • Knor S.,Prokop J.,Kvaček Z.,Janovský Z. and Wappler T. (2012)
    Plant–arthropod associations from the Early Miocene of the Most Basin in North Bohemia—Palaeoecological and palaeoclimatological implications
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol: 321-322:102-112.
  • Koenigswald W. von,Habersetzer J. and Gingerich P.D. (2012)
    Pedal distal phalanges of the Eocene adapoids Europolemur and Darwinius compared to phalanges of Notharctus and other primates
    Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, vol: 92(4):539-565.
  • Koutsodendris A.,Pross J.,Müller U.C.,BRAUER A.,Fletcher W.J.,Kühl N.,Kirilova E.,Verhagen F.T.M.,Lücke A. and Lotter A.F. (2012)
    A short-term climate oscillation during the Holsteinian interglacial (MIS 11c): An analogy to the 8.2ka climatic event?
    Global and Planetary Change, vol: 92-93:224-235.
  • Kroll H.,Kirfel A.,Heinemann R. and Barbier B. (2012)
    Volume thermal expansion and related thermophysical parameters in the Mg, Fe olivine solid-solution series
    European Journal of Mineralogy, vol: 24(6):935-956.
  • Kuhl G. (2012)
    Visions of a vanished world: The extraordinary fossils of the Hunsrück Slate
    Yale University Press, New Haven
    (ISBN: 9780300184600)
  • Kuhl N. and Moschen R. (2012)
    A combined pollen and 18O Sphagnum record of mid-Holocene climate variability from Durres Maar (Eifel, Germany)
    The Holocene, vol: 22(10):1075-1085.
  • König S.,Luguet A.,Lorand J.-P.,Wombacher F. and Lissner M. (2012)
    Selenium and tellurium systematics of the Earth's mantle from high precision analyses of ultra-depleted orogenic peridotites
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 86:354-366.
  • Kühl G. and Rust J. (2012)
    Captopodus poschmanni gen. et sp. nov. a new stem-group arthropod from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück Slate (Germany)
    Arthropod structure & development, vol: 41(6):609-622.
  • Kühl G.,Bartels C.,Briggs D. and Rust J. (2012)
    Fossilien im Hunsrück-Schiefer: Einzigartige Funde aus einer einzigartigen Region
    Ed. Goldschneck im Quelle-&-Meyer-Verl, Wiebelsheim, 1. Aufl ed.
    (ISBN: 978-3494014838)
  • Kühl G.,Bergmann A.,DUNLOP J.,GARWOOD R.J. and Rust J. (2012)
    Redescription and palaeobiology of Palaeoscorpius devonicus Lehmann, 1944 from the Lower Devonian Hunsrück Slate of Germany
    Palaeontology, vol: 55(4):775-787.
  • Kühl G.,Bergmann A.,Drapatz H. and Rust J. (2012)
    Bizarre Gliederfüßer aus dem Hunsrückschiefer
    In: Paläontologie: 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft, ed. by Martin, T. and Königswald, W. von and Radtke, G. and Rust, J., , pp. 76-77
    Pfeil, München
    (ISBN: 3899371526)
  • LABE S.,Gee C.T.,Ballhaus C. and NAGEL T. (2012)
    PALAIOS, vol: 27(11):835-841.
  • Langer M.R. (2012)
    Mit Mikrofossilien auf Erdöljagd
    In: Lohmann, Podbregar (Hg.) 2012 – Im Fokus: Bodenschätze, pp. 73-76
  • Langer M.R. (2012)
    Riesenzellen mit Geschichte: Die Nummuliten von Adelholzen
    In: PALÄONTOLOGIE 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft: Schreibkreide: Schlüssel zukünftiger Klimaentwicklungen, ed. by Martin, T. and Königswald, W. von and Radtke, G. and Rust, J., , pp. 140-141
    Pfeil, München
  • Langer M.R. (2012)
    Schreibkreide: Schlüssel zukünftiger Klimaentwicklungen
    In: PALÄONTOLOGIE 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft: Schreibkreide: Schlüssel zukünftiger Klimaentwicklungen, ed. by Martin, T. and Königswald, W. von and Radtke, G. and Rust, J., , pp. 134-135
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  • Litt T.,Ohlwein C.,Neumann F.H.,Hense A. and Stein M. (2012)
    Holocene climate variability in the Levant from the Dead Sea pollen record
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  • Lottermoser W.,Weber S.-U.,Grodzicki M.,Kirfel A. and Amthauer G. (2012)
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  • Luo Z.-X.,Ruf I. and Martin T. (2012)
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  • Martin T.,Königswald W. von,Radtke G. and Rust J. (2012)
    PALÄONTOLOGIE 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft: Schreibkreide: Schlüssel zukünftiger Klimaentwicklungen
    Pfeil, München
  • Martin T.,Königswald W. von,Radtke G. and Rust J. (2012)
    Paläontologie: 100 Jahre Paläontologische Gesellschaft
    Pfeil, München
    (ISBN: 3899371526)
  • Mazur N. (2012)
    The extraction of fossil arthropods from Lower Eocene Cambay amber
    Acta Palaeontologica Polonica,
  • Mazur N. and Rust J. (2012)
    Tausend Augen im Bernstein
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