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Publikationen 2014

  • Acken D. van,Su W.,Gao J. and Creaser R.A. (2014)
    Preservation of Re-Os isotope signatures in pyrite throughout low- T , high- P eclogite facies metamorphism
    Terra Nova, vol: 26(5):402-407.
  • Authier A. (2014)
    International tables for crystallography
    Second edition ed.
    (ISBN: 1118762290)
  • Authier A. (2014)
    Physical properties of crystals
    Kluwer Academic Publ, Dordrecht, vol: Vol. D, Ed. 2, 2nd ed.
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  • Averianov A.O.,Martin T. and Lopatin A. (2014)
    The oldest dryolestid mammal from the Middle Jurassic of Siberia
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 34(4):924-931.
  • Beaujean J.,Nguyen F.,Kemna A.,Antonsson A. and Engesgaard P. (2014)
    Calibration of seawater intrusion models: Inverse parameter estimation using surface electrical resistivity tomography and borehole data
    Water Resources Research, vol: 50(8):6828-6849.
  • Beyer D.,Kunkel C.,Aehnelt M.,Pudlo D.,Voigt T.,Nover G. and Gaupp R. (2014)
    Influence of depositional environment and diagenesis on petrophysical properties of clastic sediments (Buntsandstein of the Thuringian Syncline, Central Germany)
    Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, vol: 165(3):345-365.
  • Biber J.L. and McCann T. (2014)
    Peperite development in a Miocene-age carbonate succession, Cabo de Gata volcanic area (Agua Amarga/Carboneras basins), SE Spain - The Bréche Rouge revisited
    Zeitschrift der deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, vol: 165(2):229-245.
  • Birks H.H.,Aarnes I.,Bjune A.E.,Brooks S.J.,Bakke J.,Kühl N. and Birks H.J.B. (2014)
    Lateglacial and early-Holocene climate variability reconstructed from multi-proxy records on Andøya, northern Norway
    Quaternary Science Reviews, vol: 89:108-122.
  • Bragagni A.,Avanzinelli R.,Freymuth H. and Francalanci L. (2014)
    Recycling of crystal mush-derived melts and short magma residence times revealed by U-series disequilibria at Stromboli volcano
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol: 404:206-219.
  • Brandt S.,Raith M.M.,Schenk V.,Sengupta P.,Srikantappa C. and Gerdes A. (2014)
    Crustal evolution of the Southern Granulite Terrane, south India: New geochronological and geochemical data for felsic orthogneisses and granites
    Precambrian Research, vol: 246:91-122.
  • Cassiani G.,Binley A.,Kemna A.,Wehrer M.,Orozco A.F.,Deiana R.,Boaga J.,Rossi M.,Dietrich P.,Werban U.,Zschornack L.,Godio A.,Jafar Gandomi A. and Deidda G.P. (2014)
    Noninvasive characterization of the Trecate (Italy) crude-oil contaminated site: links between contamination and geophysical signals
    Environmental science and pollution research international, vol: 21(15):8914-8931.
  • Chen J.,Wang B.,Engel M.S.,Wappler T.,Jarzembowski E.A.,Zhang H.,Wang X.,Zheng X. and Rust J. (2014)
    Extreme adaptations for aquatic ectoparasitism in a Jurassic fly larva
    eLife, vol: 3:e02844.
  • Clemens W.A. and Martin T. (2014)
    Review of the non-tritylodontid synapsids from bone beds in the Rhaetic Sandstone, southern Germany
    Paläontologische Zeitschrift, vol: 88(4):461-479.
  • Deng H.,Koyi H.A. and Froitzheim N. (2014)
    Modeling two sequential coaxial phases of shortening in a foreland thrust belt
    Journal of Structural Geology, vol: 66:400-415.
  • Dmitrienko V.E.,Kirfel A. and Ovchinnikova E. (2014)
    Physical properties of crystals
    In: International tables for crystallography, ed. by Authier, A.,
    (ISBN: 1118762290)
  • Dmitrienko V.E.,Kirfel A. and Ovchinnikova E. (2014)
    Tensorial properties of local crystal
    In: International tables for crystallography, ed. by Authier, A.,
    (ISBN: 1118762290)
  • Doláková N.,Holcová K.,Nehyba S.,Hladilová Š.,Brzobohatý R.,Zágoršek K.,Hrabovský J.,Seko M. and Utescher T. (2014)
    The Badenian parastratotype at Židlochovice from the perspective of the multiproxy study
    Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, vol: 271(2):169-201.
  • Dumont M.,Borbely A.,Kaysser-Pyzalla A. and Sander P.M. (2014)
    Long bone cortices in a growth series of Apatosaurus sp. (Dinosauria: Diplodocidae): geometry, body mass, and crystallite orientation of giant animals
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol: 112(4):782-798.
  • Farías C.,Lupi M.,Fuchs F. and Miller S.A. (2014)
    Seismic activity of the Nevados de Chillán volcanic complex after the 2010 Mw8.8 Maule, Chile, earthquake
    Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, vol: 283:116-126.
  • Fonseca R.O.C.,Laurenz V.,Mallmann G.,Luguet A.,Hoehne N. and Jochum K.-P. (2014)
    Corrigendum to "New constraints on the genesis and long-term stability of Os-rich alloys in the Earth's mantle" [Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 87 (2012) 227–242]
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 136:265.
  • Fonseca R.O.C.,Mallmann G.,Sprung P.,Sommer J.E.,Heuser A.,Speelmanns I.M. and Blanchard H. (2014)
    Redox controls on tungsten and uranium crystal/silicate melt partitioning and implications for the U/W and Th/W ratio of the lunar mantle
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol: 404:1-13.
  • Froitzheim N.,Jahn-Awe S.,Frei D.,Wainwright A.N.,Maas R.,Georgiev N.,Nagel T.J. and Pleuger J. (2014)
    Age and composition of meta-ophiolite from the Rhodope Middle Allochthon (Satovcha, Bulgaria): A test for the maximum-allochthony hypothesis of the Hellenides
    Tectonics, vol: 33(8):1477-1500.
  • Fuchs F.,Lupi M. and Miller S.A. (2014)
    Remotely triggered nonvolcanic tremor in Sumbawa, Indonesia
    Geophysical Research Letters, vol: 41(12):4185-4193.
  • GREENWALT D.E. and Rust J. (2014)
    A new species of Pseudotettigonia Zeuner (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) with an intact stridulatory field and reexamination of the subfamily Pseudotettigoniinae
    Systematic Entomology, vol: 39(2):256-263.
  • Gee C.T.,Dayvault R.D.,Stockey R.A. and Tidwell W.D. (2014)
    Greater palaeobiodiversity in conifer seed cones in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Utah, USA
    Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, vol: 94(2):363-375.
  • Giesecke T.,Davis B.,Brewer S.,Finsinger W.,Wolters S.,Blaauw M.,Beaulieu J.-L. de,Binney H.,Fyfe R.M.,Gaillard M.-J.,Gil-Romera G.,van der Knaap W.O.,Kuneš P.,Kühl N.,van Leeuwen J.F.N.,Leydet M.,Lotter A.F.,Ortu E.,Semmler M. and Bradshaw R.H.W. (2014)
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    Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, vol: 23(1):75-86.
  • Hoffmann G. and Reicherter K. (2014)
    Reconstructing Anthropocene extreme flood events by using litter deposits
    Global and Planetary Change, vol: 122:23-28.
  • Hoffmann G.,Al-Yahyai S.,Naeem G.,Kociok M. and Grutzner C. (2014)
    An Indian Ocean tsunami triggered remotely by an onshore earthquake in Balochistan, Pakistan
    Geology, vol: 42(10):883-886.
  • Hoffmann J.E.,Nagel T.J.,Münker C.,Næraa T. and Rosing M.T. (2014)
    Constraining the process of Eoarchean TTG formation in the Itsaq Gneiss Complex, southern West Greenland
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol: 388:374-386.
  • Hoffmann R.,Schultz J.A.,Schellhorn R.,Rybacki E.,Keupp H.,Gerden S.R.,Lemanis R. and Zachow S. (2014)
    Non-invasive imaging methods applied to neo- and paleo-ontological cephalopod research
    Biogeosciences, vol: 11(10):2721-2739.
  • Hofmann R. and Sander P.M. (2014)
    The first juvenile specimens of Plateosaurus engelhardti from Frick, Switzerland: isolated neural arches and their implications for developmental plasticity in a basal sauropodomorph
    PeerJ, vol: 2:e458.
  • Houssaye A.,Scheyer T.M.,Kolb C.,Fischer V. and Sander P.M. (2014)
    A new look at ichthyosaur long bone microanatomy and histology: implications for their adaptation to an aquatic life
    PloS one, vol: 9(4):e95637.
  • Jansen M.,Klein N. and Angielczyk K. (2014)
    A juvenile turtle (Testudines, Eucryptodira) from the Upper Jurassic of Langenberg Quarry, Oker, Northern Germany
    Palaeontology, vol: 57(4):743--756.
  • Jonas L.,John T.,King H.E.,Geisler T. and Putnis A. (2014)
    The role of grain boundaries and transient porosity in rocks as fluid pathways for reaction front propagation
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol: 386:64-74.
  • Julleh Jalalur Rahman M.,Sayem A.S.M. and McCann T. (2014)
    Geochemistry and provenance of the Miocene sandstones of the Surma group from the Sitapahar anticline, Southeastern Bengal Basin, Bangladesh
    Journal of the Geological Society of India, vol: 83(4):447-456.
  • Kakar D.M.,Naeem G.,Usman A.,Hasan H.,Lohdi H.A.,Srinivasalu S.,Andrade V.,Rajendran C.P.,Beni A.N.,Hamzeh M.A.,Hoffmann G.,Balushi N.A.,Gale N.,Kodijat A.M.,Fritz H.M. and Atwater B.F. (2014)
    Elders Recall an Earlier Tsunami on Indian Ocean Shores
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  • Kattel P.,Khattri K.B.,Kafle J.,Pokhrel P.R.P.,Gurung D.B. and Pudasaini S.P. (2014)
    Dynamics of three-dimensional, two-phase landslides and debris flows
    International Journal of Landslide and Environment, vol: 2014(1(1)):39-40.
  • Kehl M.,Eckmeier E.,Franz S.O.,Lehmkuhl F.,Soler J.,Soler N.,Reicherter K. and Weniger G.-C. (2014)
    Sediment sequence and site formation processes at the Arbreda Cave, NE Iberian Peninsula, and implications on human occupation and climate change during the Last Glacial
    Climate of the Past Discussions, vol: 10(2):1053-1100.
  • Kemna A.,Huisman J.A.,Zimmermann E.,Martin R.,Zhao Y.,Treichel A.,Flores Orozco A. and Fechner T. (2014)
    Broadband Electrical Impedance Tomography for Subsurface Characterization Using Improved Corrections of Electromagnetic Coupling and Spectral Regularization
    In: Tomography of the Earth's Crust: From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring, ed. by Weber, Michael and Münch, Ute, pp. 1-20
    Springer International Publishing, Cham Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences
    (ISBN: 978-3-319-04204-6) 10.1007/978-3-319-04205-3
  • Khattri K.B.,Pokhrel P.R.,Kafle J.,Kattel P.,Gurung D.B. and Pudasaini S.P. (2014)
    Some new insights into the fluid flows in debris material and porous landscape
    International Journal of Landslide and Environment, vol: 2014(1(1)):43-44.
  • King H.E.,Mattner D.C.,Plümper O.,Geisler T. and Putnis A. (2014)
    Forming Cohesive Calcium Oxalate Layers on Marble Surfaces for Stone Conservation
    Crystal Growth & Design, vol: 14(8):3910-3917.
  • Klein N. and Hagdorn H.(2014)
    Humerus morphology and histology of a new marine reptile (Diapsida) from the Muschelkalk-Keuper-Grenzbonebed (Middle Triassic, Ladinian) of Southwest Germany
    Palaeodiversity, vol: 2014(7):23--38.
  • Klein N. and Sichelschmidt O.J. (2014)
    Remarkable dorsal ribs with distinct uncinate processes from the early Anisian of the Germanic Basin (Winterswijk, The Netherlands)
    Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, vol: 271(3):307--314.
  • Koenigswald W. von and Krause D.W. (2014)
    Enamel Microstructure of Vintana Sertichi (Mammalia, Gondwanatheria) From the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 34(sup1):166-181.
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    Functional diversity in the masticatory patterns of Proboscidea
    In: Scientific Annals, ed. by School of Geology, pp. 88-89
    Thessaloniki vol: 102
  • Koeniqswald W. von (2014)
    Mastication and Wear in Lophiodon (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) Compared with Lophodont Dentitions in Some other Mammals
    Annales Zoologici Fennici, vol: 51(1-2):162-176.
  • Konietzko-Meier D.,Danto M. and Gądek K. (2014)
    The microstructural variability of the intercentra among temnospondyl amphibians
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    Evolution. Beyond the rainbow
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  • Koschowitz M.-C.,Lambertz M.,Fischer C. and Sander P.M. (2014)
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  • Koster B.,Hoffmann G.,Grützner C. and Reicherter K. (2014)
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