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Publikationen 2016

  • Acken D. van,Hoffmann J.E.,Schorscher J.H.D.,Schulz T.,Heuser A. and Luguet A. (2016)
    Formation of high-Al komatiites from the Mesoarchean Quebra Osso Group, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Trace elements, HSE systematics and Os isotopic signatures
    Chemical Geology, vol: 422:108-121.
  • Adroit B.,Wappler T.,Terral J.-F.,Ali A.A. and Girard V. (2016)
    Bernasso, a paleoforest from the early Pleistocene: New input from plant-insect interactions (Hérault, France)
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol: 446:78-84.
  • Ait Brahim Y.,Bouchaou L.,Sifeddine A.,Khodri M.,Reichert B. and Cruz F.W. (2016)
    Elucidating the climate and topographic controls on stable isotope composition of meteoric waters in Morocco, using station-based and spatially-interpolated data
    Journal of Hydrology, vol: 543:305-315.
  • Averianov A.,MARTIN T.,Skutschas P.,Danilov I.,SCHULTZ J. and SCHELLHORN R. (2016)
    Middle Jurassic vertebrate assemblage of Berezovsk coal mine in western Siberia (Russia)
    Global Geology, vol: 2016(19(4)):187-204.
  • Bertier P.,Stanjek H.,Wynen F.,Müller M.,Nover G.,Busch A. and Hangx S. (2016)
    The Werkendam natural CO2-accumulation. An analogue for geological storage of CO2
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol: 2016(in print)
  • Beuel S.,Alvarez M.,Amler E.,Behn K.,Kotze D.,Kreye C.,Leemhuis C.,Wagner K.,Willy D.K.,Ziegler S. and Becker M. (2016)
    A rapid assessment of anthropogenic disturbances in East African wetlands
    Ecological Indicators, vol: 67:684-692.
  • Brunet M.F.,McCann T. and Sobel E. (2016)
    Geological Evolution of Central Asian Basins and the Western Tien Shan Range
    Geological Society, London
  • Busch B.,Winkler R.,Osivandi K.,Nover G.,Amann-Hildenbrand A. and Hilgers C. (2016)
    Evolution of small-scale flow-barriers in German Rotliegend siliciclastics
    ResQual-1215R2, vol: 2016(in print)
  • Clemmensen L.B.,Milàn J.,Adolfssen J.S.,Estrup E.J.,Frobøse N.,Klein N.,Mateus O. and Wings O. (2016)
    The vertebrate-bearing Late Triassic Fleming Fjord Formation of central East Greenland revisited: Stratigraphy, palaeoclimate and new palaeontological data
    Geological Society, London, Special Publications, vol: 434(1):31--47.
  • Dam J.A. van and Utescher T. (2016)
    Plant- and micromammal-based paleoprecipitation proxies: Comparing results of the Coexistence and Climate-Diversity Approach
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol: 443:18-33.
  • Ensikat H.-J.,Geisler T. and Weigend M. (2016)
    A first report of hydroxylated apatite as structural biomineral in Loasaceae - plants' teeth against herbivores
    Scientific reports, vol: 6:26073.
  • Fajemila O.T. and Langer M.R. (2016)
    Ecosystem indicators: Foraminifera, Thecamoebians and Diatoms from the Ologe Lagoon, Nigeria
    Revue de Micropaléontologie, vol: 59(4):397-407.
  • Fassmer K.,Obermüller G.,Nagel T.J.,Kirst F.,Froitzheim N.,Sandmann S.,Miladinova I.,Fonseca R.O.C. and Münker C. (2016)
    High-pressure metamorphic age and significance of eclogite-facies continental fragments associated with oceanic lithosphere in the Western Alps (Etirol-Levaz Slice, Valtournenche, Italy)
    Lithos, vol: 252-253:145-159.
  • Fonseca R.O.C.,Leitzke F.P. and Michely L.T.Effect of TiO2 content of silicate melt on the partitioning behaviour of the HFSE during lunar mantle melting
    15th International Conference on Experimental Mineralogy, Zürich, vol: 2016(1):24.
  • Froitzheim N.,Miladinova I.,Janák M.,Kullerud K.,Ravna E.K.,Majka J.,Fonseca R.O.C.,Münker C. and Nagel T.J. (2016)
    Devonian subduction and syncollisional exhumation of continental crust in Lofoten, Norway
    Geology, vol: 44(3):223-226.
  • Förderer M. and Langer M. (2016)
    Five new species and one new genus of recent miliolid foraminifera from Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia)
    PeerJ, (4:e2157)
  • Gee C.T. and Taylor D.W. (2016)
    Aquatic macrophytes from the upper Oligocene fossillagerstätte of Rott (Rhineland, Germany). Part II: A new fossil leaf species of Nymphaea (subgenus Lotos)
    Palaeontographica Abt. B, vol: 2016(im Druck)
  • Geisler T.,Popa K. and Konings R.J.M. (2016)
    Evidence for lattice strain and non-ideal behaviour in the (La1-xEux)PO4 solid solution from X-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy
    Frontiers in Earth Sciences, vol: 2016(64)
  • Georgiev N.,Froitzheim N.,Cherneva Z.,Frei D.,Grozdev V.,Jahn-Awe S. and Nagel T.J. (2016)
    Structure and U-Pb zircon geochronology of an Alpine nappe stack telescoped by extensional detachment faulting (Kulidzhik area, Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria)
    International Journal of Earth Sciences,
  • Gruntmejer K.,Konietzko-Meier D. and Bodzioch A. (2016)
    Cranial bone histology of Metoposaurus krasiejowensis (Amphibia, Temnospondyli) from the Late Triassic of Poland
    PeerJ, vol: 4:e2685.
  • Grímsson F.,Zetter R.,Labandeira C.C.,Engel M.S. and Wappler T. (2016)
    Taxonomic description of in situ bee pollen from the middle Eocene of Germany
    Grana, :1-34.
  • Hansen B.B.,Milàn J.,Clemmensen L.B.,Adolfssen J.S.,Estrup E.J.,Klein N.,Mateus O. and Wings O. (2016)
    Coprolites from the Late Triassic Kap Stewart Formation, Jameson Land, East Greenland: Morphology, classification and prey inclusions
    Geological Society, London, Special Publications, vol: 434(1):49--69.
  • Harff J.,Meschede M.,Petersen S. and Thiede J. (2016)
    Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences
    Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series
    (ISBN: 978-94-007-6237-4) 10.1007/978-94-007-6238-1
    Lectotypification of Trapella weylandii (Plantaginaceae s.l.) from European Pliocene
    Phytotaxa, vol: 284(1):75.
  • Henrot A.-J.,Utescher T.,Erdei B.,Dury M.,Hamon N.,Ramstein G.,Krapp M.,Herold N.,Goldner A.,Favre E.,Munhoven G. and François L. (2016)
    Middle Miocene climate and vegetation models and their validation with proxy data
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology,
  • Hoffmann G. and Reicherter K. (2016)
    Geohazards: Coastal Disasters
    In: Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences, ed. by Harff, Jan and Meschede, Martin and Petersen, Sven and Thiede, JÖrn, pp. 276-283
    Springer Netherlands, DordrechtEncyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series
    (ISBN: 978-94-007-6237-4) 10.1007/978-94-007-6238-1
  • Hoffmann G.,Meschede M.,Zacke A. and Kindi M.A. (2016)
    Field Guide to the Geology of Northeastern Oman
    Schweizerbart Science Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany
    (ISBN: 9783443150990)
  • Houssaye A.,Martin Sander P. and Klein N. (2016)
    Adaptive Patterns in Aquatic Amniote Bone Microanatomy-More Complex than Previously Thought
    Integrative and comparative biology, vol: 56(6):1349-1369.
  • Houssaye A.,Waskow K.,Hayashi S.,Cornette R.,Lee A.H. and Hutchinson J.R. (2016)
    Biomechanical evolution of solid bones in large animals: A microanatomical investigation
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol: 117(2):350-371.
  • Huang Y.-J.,Jia L.-B.,Wang Q.,Mosbrugger V.,Utescher T.,Su T. and Zhou Z.-K. (2016)
    Cenozoic plant diversity of Yunnan: A review
    Plant Diversity,
  • Kafle J.,Pokhrel P.R.,Khattri K.B.,Kattel P.,Tuladhar B.M. and Pudasaini S.P. (2016)
    Landslide-generated tsunami and particle transport in mountain lakes and reservoirs
    Annals of Glaciology, vol: 57(71):232-244.
  • Kattel P.,Khattri K.B.,Pokhrel P.R.,Kafle J.,Tuladhar B.M. and Pudasaini S.P. (2016)
    Simulating glacial lake outburst floods with a two-phase mass flow model
    Annals of Glaciology, vol: 57(71):349-358.
  • Keppler R.,Stipp M.,Behrmann J.H.,Ullemeyer K. and Heidelbach F. (2016)
    Deformation inside a paleosubduction channel - Insights from microstructures and crystallographic preferred orientations of eclogites and metasediments from the Tauern Window, Austria
    Journal of Structural Geology, vol: 82:60-79.
  • Keune J.,Gasper F.,Goergen K.,Hense A.,Shrestha P.,Sulis M. and Kollet S. (2016)
    Studying the influence of groundwater representations on land surface-atmosphere feedbacks during the European heat wave in 2003
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol: 121(22):13,301-13,325.
  • Kirchenbaur M.,Maas R.,Ehrig K.,Kamenetsky V.S.,Strub E.,Ballhaus C. and Münker C. (2016)
    Uranium and Sm isotope studies of the supergiant Olympic Dam Cu-Au-U-Ag deposit, South Australia
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol: 180:15-32.
  • Kirst F. and Leiss B. (2016)
    Kinematics of syn- and post-exhumational shear zones at Lago di Cignana (Western Alps, Italy): Constraints on the exhumation of Zermatt-Saas (ultra)high-pressure rocks and deformation along the Combin Fault and Dent Blanche Basal Thrust
    International Journal of Earth Sciences,
  • Klein N.,Sander P.M.,Krahl A.,Scheyer T.M. and Houssaye A. (2016)
    Diverse Aquatic Adaptations in Nothosaurus spp. (Sauropterygia)-Inferences from Humeral Histology and Microanatomy
    PloS one, vol: 11(7):e0158448.
  • Klein N.,Bussert R.,Evans D.,Salih K.A.O.,Eisawi A.A.M.,Nafi M. and Müller J. (2016)
    Turtle remains from the Wadi Milk Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Northern Sudan
    Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, vol: 96(2):281--303.
  • Klein N. and Griebeler E.M. (2016)
    Bone histology, microanatomy, and growth of the nothosauroid Simosaurus gaillardoti (Sauropterygia) from the Upper Muschelkalk of southern Germany/Baden-Württemberg
    Comptes Rendus Palevol, vol: 15(1-2):142--162.
  • Klein H.,Milàn J.,Clemmensen L.B.,Frobøse N.,Mateus O.,Klein N.,Adolfssen J.S.,Estrup E.J. and Wings O. (2016)
    Archosaur footprints (cf. Brachychirotherium ) with unusual morphology from the Upper Triassic Fleming Fjord Formation (Norian--Rhaetian) of East Greenland
    Geological Society, London, Special Publications, vol: 434(1):71--85.
  • Klein N.,Schoch R.R. and Schweigert G. (2016)
    A juvenile eurysternid turtle (Testudines: Eurysternidae) from the upper Kimmeridgian (Upper Jurassic) of Nusplingen (SW Germany)
    Geobios, vol: 49(5):355--364.
  • Klein N.,Voeten D.F.A.E.,Haarhuis A. and Bleeker R. (2016)
    The earliest record of the genus Lariosaurus from the early middle Anisian (Middle Triassic) of the Germanic Basin
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 36(4):e1163712.
  • Klonowska I.,Janák M.,Majka J.,Froitzheim N. and Kośmińska K. (2016)
    Eclogite and garnet pyroxenite from Stor Jougdan, Seve Nappe Complex, Sweden: Implications for UHP metamorphism of allochthons in the Scandinavian Caledonides
    Journal of Metamorphic Geology, vol: 34(2):103-119.
  • Konietzko-Meier D.,Shelton C.D. and Martin Sander P. (2016)
    The discrepancy between morphological and microanatomical patterns of anamniotic stegocephalian postcrania from the Early Permian Briar Creek Bonebed (Texas)
    Comptes Rendus Palevol, vol: 15(1-2):103-114.
  • Langer M.R. and Mouanga G.H. (2016)
    Invasion of amphisteginid foraminifera in the Adriatic Sea
    Biological Invasions, vol: 2016
  • Langer M.R.,Fajemila O.T. and Mannl S. (2016)
    Assemblages of recent intertidal mangrove foraminifera from the Akanda National Park, Gabon: Sea level proxies preserved in faunal assemblages
    Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, vol: 281(3):327-338.
  • Langer M.R.,Mouanga G.H. and Fajemila O.T. (2016)
    Shallow-water nearshore benthic foraminifera assemblages from Gabon
    Micropaleontology, vol: 2016
  • Leitzke F.P.,Fonseca R.O.C. and Michely L.T.One atmosphere experimental study on the partitioning of the HFSE between olivine, pyroxene and lunar basaltic melts in the CMAS + Fe + Ti system
    Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol: 2016(18):1565.
  • Leitzke F.P.,Fonseca R.O.C.,Michely L.T.,Sprung P.,Heuser A. and Münker C.Crystal/silicate melt partitioning of HFSE, Mo, W, U and Th as a function of TiO2, with implications for the petrogenesis of lunar mare basalts mare basalts
    79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Berlin. Proceedings of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, vol: 2016(1):6232.
  • Leitzke F.P.,Fonseca R.O.C.,Michely L.T.,Sprung P.,Münker C.,Heuser A. and Blanchard H. (2016)
    The effect of titanium on the partitioning behavior of high-field strength elements between silicates, oxides and lunar basaltic melts with applications to the origin of mare basalts
    Chemical Geology, vol: 440:219-238.
  • Liebrecht T.,Fortuny J.,Galobart À.,Müller J. and Sander P.M. (2016)
    A large, multiple-tooth-rowed captorhinid reptile (Amniota: Eureptilia) from the Upper Permian of Mallorca (Balearic Islands, western Mediterranean)
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 37(1):e1251936.
  • Lorand J.-P. and Luguet A. (2016)
    Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements in Mantle Rocks: Trace Elements Controlled By Trace Minerals
    Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, vol: 81(1):441-488.
  • Luguet A. and Reisberg L. (2016)
    Highly Siderophile Element and 187 Os Signatures in Non-cratonic Basalt-hosted Peridotite Xenoliths: Unravelling the Origin and Evolution of the Post-Archean Lithospheric Mantle
    Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, vol: 81(1):305-367.
  • Martin T.,Schultz J.A.,Schwermann A.H. and Wings O. (2016)
    First Jurassic mammals from Germany: Multituberculate teeth from the Late Jurassic Langenberg Quarry near Goslar (Lower Saxony)
    Palaeontologia Polonica, vol: 2016(67)
  • Martin T.,Schultz J.A.,Schwermann A.H. and Wings O.): First Jurassic mammals from Germany: Multituberculate teeth from the Late Jurassic Langenberg Quarry near Goslar (Lower Saxony)
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    Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology (under review), vol: 2016
  • Miebach A.,Niestrath P.,Roeser P. and Litt T. (2016)
    Impacts of climate and humans on the vegetation in northwestern Turkey: palynological insights from Lake Iznik since the Last Glacial
    Climate of the Past, vol: 12(2):575-593.
  • Mouna M.,Redouane C.-A.,Lhoussaine B.,Yassine A.B.,Abdelaziz H. and Reichert B. (2016)
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    Arabian Journal of Geosciences, vol: 9(10):495.
  • Mähler B.,Wappler T.,Sanmugaraja M.,Menger F. and von Koenigswald W. (2016)
    Upper Pleistocene blow flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) trapped in fossilized crania of large mammals discovered from gravel pits in the Rhine rift valley from Hesse (Germany)
    Palaeontol Electron, vol: 2016(19.2.13A):1-12.
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  • Osemwegie I.,Hyppolite D.N.,Stumpp C.,Reichert B. and Biemi J. (2016)
    Mangrove Forest Characterization in Southeast Côte d'Ivoire
    Open Journal of Ecology, vol: 06(03):138-150.
    The geometry, distribution and development of sand bodies in the Miocene-age Frimmersdorf Seam (Garzweiler open-cast mine), Lower Rhine Basin, Germany: Implications for seam exploitation
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