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Publikationen 2019

  • Aureliano T.A.M.,Ghilardi J.C.G.S.,Martinelli A.G.,Ribeiro L.C.B.,Marinho T.,Fernandes M.A.,Ricardi-Branco F. and Sander P.M.(in press)
    Influence of taphonomy on histological evidence for vertebral pneumaticity in a Late Cretaceous titanosaur from South America
    Cretaceous Research, vol: 2019
  • Averianov A.,Krasnolutskii S.,Ivantsov S.,Skutschas P.,Schellhorn R.,Schultz J. and Martin T. (2019)
    Sauropod remains from the Middle Jurassic Itat Formation of West Siberia, Russia
    PalZ, vol: 23(Supplement to i):358.
  • Averianov A.O.,Martin T.,Lopatin A.V.,Schultz J.A.,Schellhorn R.,Krasnolutskii S.,Skutschas P. and Ivantsov S. (2019)
    Haramiyidan mammals from the Middle Jurassic of Western Siberia, Russia. Part 1: Shenshouidae and Maiopatagium
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 50:e1669159.
  • Averianov A.O.,Osochnikova A.,Skutschas P.,Krasnolutskii S.,Schellhorn R.,Schultz J.A. and Martin T. (2019)
    New data on the tyrannosauroid dinosaur Kileskus from the Middle Jurassic of Siberia, Russia
    Historical Biology, vol: 313(2):1-7.
  • Averianov A.O.,Skutschas P.P.,Schellhorn R.,Lopatin A.V.,Kolosov P.N.,Kolchanov V.V.,Vitenko D.D.,Grigoriev D.V. and Martin T. (2019)
    The northernmost sauropod record in the Northern Hemisphere
    Lethaia, vol: 108(2):153.
  • Ballhaus C.,Gäb F.,Garbe-Schönberg D. and Staubwasser M. (2019)
    Effect of boiling on the acidity of hydrothermal solutions
    Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol: 174(1):A799.
  • Bao T.,Walczyńska K.S.,Bojarski B.,Jarzembowski E.,Wang B. and Rust J. (2019)
    A new species of tumbling flower beetle (Coleoptera: Mordellidae) from Baltic amber
    PalZ, vol: 93(1):31--36.
  • Bao T.,Zhang X.,Walczyńska K.S.,Wang B. and Rust J. (2019)
    Earliest mordellid-like beetles from the Jurassic of Kazakhstan and China (Coleoptera: Tenebrionoidea)
    Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, vol: 130(2):247--256.
  • Bassi D.,Braga J.C.,Di Domenico G.,Pignatti J.,Abramovich S.,Hallock P.,Könen J.,Kovács Z.,Langer M.R.,Pavia G. and Iryu Y. (2019)
    Palaeobiogeography and evolutionary patterns of the larger foraminifer Borelis de Montfort (Borelidae)
    Papers in Palaeontology, vol: 1963(3):156.
  • Ben Hamad A.,Zaïbi C.,Langer M.R. and Kamoun F. (2019)
    Evolution of Korba Lagoon (Cap Bon, Tunisia) during the Last Millennia based on the analysis of foraminiferal assemblages
    In: Patterns and Mechanisms of Climate, Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental Changes from Low-Latitude Regions, ed. by Zhang, Zhihua and Khélifi, Nabil and Mezghani, Abdelkader and Heggy, Essam, pp. 81-83
    Springer International Publishing, Cham
    (ISBN: 978-3-030-01598-5)
  • Carballido J.L.,Scheil M.,Knötschke N. and Sander P.M.(in press).
    The appendicular skeleton of the dwarf macronarian sauropod Europasaurus holgeri from the Late Jurassic of Germany and the reevaluation of its systematic affinities
    Journal of Systematic Palaeontology
  • Ermertz, AM, Kazmer, M, Adolphs, AK, Falkenroth, M and Hoffmann, G (2019)
    Geoarchaeological Evidence for the Decline of the Medieval City of Qalhat, Oman.
    Open Quaternary, 5: 8, pp. 1–14.
  • Evangelista D.A.,Wipfler B.,Béthoux O.,Donath A.,Fujita M.,Kohli M.K.,Legendre F.,Liu S.,Machida R.,Misof B.,Peters R.S.,Podsiadlowski L.,Rust J.,Schuette K.,Tollenaar W.,Ware J.L.,Wappler T.,Zhou X.,Meusemann K. and Simon S. (2019)
    An integrative phylogenomic approach illuminates the evolutionary history of cockroaches and termites (Blattodea)
    Proceedings. Biological sciences, vol: 286(1895):20182076.
  • Falkenroth M.,Schneider B. and Hoffmann G. (2019)
    Beachrock as sea-level indicator - A case study at the coastline of Oman (Indian Ocean)
    Quaternary Science Reviews, vol: 206:81-98.
  • Fleischle C.V.,Sander P.M.,Wintrich T. and Caspar K.R.(2019)
    Hematological convergence between Mesozoic marine reptiles (Sauropterygia) and extant aquatic amniotes elucidates diving adaptations in plesiosaurs
    PeerJ 7:e8022.
  • Förderer M. and Langer M.R. (2019)
    Exceptionally species-rich assemblages of modern larger benthic foraminifera from nearshore reefs in northern Palawan (Philippines)
    Revue de Micropaléontologie, :100387.
  • Gee C.T.,Sprinkel D.A.,Bennis-Bottomley M.B. and Gray D.A.(in press)
    Silicified logs of Agathoxylon hoodii (Tidwell et Medlyn) comb. nov. from Rainbow Draw, near Vernal, Utah, and their implications for conifer forests in the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation
    Geology of the Intermountain West, vol: 2019
  • Gee C.T. and Taylor D.W. (2019)
    An Extinct Transitional Leaf Genus of Nymphaeaceae from the Eocene Lake at Messel, Germany: Nuphaea engelhardtii Gee et David W. Taylor gen. et sp. nov
    International Journal of Plant Sciences, vol: 180(7):724-736.
  • Gee C.T.,Sander P.M.,Peters S.E.,El-Hennawy M.T.,Antar M.S.M.,Zalmout I.S. and Gingerich P.D. (2019)
    Fossil burrow assemblage, not mangrove roots: reinterpretation of the main whale-bearing layer in the late Eocene of Wadi Al-Hitan, Egypt
    Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, vol: 99(2):143-158.
  • Griebeler E.-M. and Klein N. (2019).
    Viviparity in Nothosaurus spp. (Sauropterygia) is indicated by similarities in their life-history strategies to modern squamates and live-bearing extinct pachypleurosaurs (Sauropterygia).
    Palaeontology 62(4), 697–713.
    DOI: 10.5061/dryad.8jh08mp
  • Gruntmejer K.,Konietzko-Meier D.,Bodzioch A. and Fortuny J. (2019)
    Morphology and preliminary biomechanical interpretation of mandibular sutures in Metoposaurus krasiejowensis (Temnospondyli, Stereospondyli) from the Upper Triassic of Poland
    Journal of Iberian Geology, vol: 45(2):301-316.
  • Gruntmejer K.,Konietzko-Meier D.,Marcé-Nogué J.,Bodzioch A. and Fortuny J. (2019)
    Cranial suture biomechanics in Metoposaurus krasiejowensis (Temnospondyli, Stereospondyli) from the upper Triassic of Poland
    Journal of morphology,
  • Guastella R.,Marchini A.,Caruso A.,Cosentino C.,Evans J.,Weinmann A.E.,Langer M.R. and Mancin N. (2019)
    "Hidden invaders" conquer the Sicily Channel and knock on the door of the Western Mediterranean sea
    Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, vol: 225:106234.
  • Haubold H. and Konietzko-Meier D. (2019)
    Stereospondyli (Amphibia: Temnospondyli) aus der Trias 2015 bis 2018. Literaturbericht.
    Zentralblatt für Geologie und Paläontologie, vol: 2019(Teil II):317-335.
  • Heijne, J., and E. Grigowski (in press).
    The taphonomy of the Anisian of Winterswijk, insights into a unique environment
    In: Staringia 16, The Middle Triassic Vossenveld Formation in Winterswijk, ed. by Voeten, D. F. A. E. and During, M. and Lankamp, L., pp.
  • Heijne J.,Klein N. and Sander P.M. (2019)
    The uniquely diverse taphonomy of the marine reptile skeletons (Sauropterygia) from the Lower Muschelkalk (Anisian) of Winterswijk, The Netherlands
    PalZ, vol: 93(1):69-92.
  • Hminna A.,Klein H.,Zouheir T.,Lagnaoui A.,Saber H.,Lallensack J.N. and Oukassou M. (2019)
    The Late Triassic archosaur ichnogenus Brachychirotherium : first complete step cycles from Morocco, North Africa, with implications for trackmaker identification and ichnotaxonomy
    Historical Biology, vol: 8(1):1-14.
  • Hoffmann R.,Weinkauf M.F.G.,Wiedenroth K.,Goeddertz P. and de Baets K. (2019)
    Morphological disparity and ontogeny of the endemic heteromorph ammonite genus Aegocrioceras (Early Cretaceous, Hauterivian, NW-Germany)
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, vol: 520:1-17.
  • Jäger K.R.K.,Gill P.G.,Corfe I. and Martin T. (2019)
    Occlusion and dental function of Morganucodon and Megazostrodon
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 39(3):e1635135.
  • Jäger K.R.K.,Luo Z.-X. and Martin T. (2019)
    Postcranial Skeleton of Henkelotherium guimarotae (Cladotheria, Mammalia) and Locomotor Adaptation
    Journal of Mammalian Evolution,
  • Kalthoff D.C.,Schulz-Kornas E.,Corfe I.,Martin T.,McLoughlin S. and Schultz J.A. (2019)
    Complementary approaches to tooth wear analysis in Tritylodontidae (Synapsida, Mammaliamorpha) reveal a generalist diet
    PloS one, vol: 14(7):e0220188.
  • Kamoun M.,Khadraoui A.,Ben Hamad A.,Zaïbi C.,Langer M.R.,Bahrouni N.,Youssef M.B. and Kamoun F. (2019)
    Impacts of Relative Sea Level Change and Sedimentary Dynamic on an Historic Site Expansion Along the Coast Between Sfax and Jebeniena, Tunisia
    In: Patterns and Mechanisms of Climate, Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental Changes from Low-Latitude Regions, ed. by Zhang, Zhihua and Khélifi, Nabil and Mezghani, Abdelkader and Heggy, Essam, pp. 141-143
    Springer International Publishing, Cham
    (ISBN: 978-3-030-01598-5)
  • Klein N. and Sander P.M.(in press)
    Anarosaurus heterodontus -the least aquatic pachypleurosaur
    In: The Middle Triassic Vossenveld Formation in Winterswijk, ed. by Voeten, D. F. A. E. and During, M. and Lankamp, L., pp.
  • Klein N.(in press)
    Sauriers uit de Onder-Muschelkalk van Winterswijk
    In: The Middle Triassic Vossenveld Formation in Winterswijk, ed. by Voeten, D. F. A. E. and During, M. and Lankamp, L., pp.
  • Klein N., Canoville A. and Houssaye A. (2019).
    Microstructure of vertebrae, ribs, and gastralia of Triassic sauropterygians – New insights into the microanatomical processes involved in aquatic adaptations of marine reptiles.
    The Anatomical Record 302, 1770–1791.
    DOI: 10.1002/ar.24140
  • Klein N., Verrière A., Satorelli H., Wintrich T. and Fröbisch J. (2019).
    Microanatomy and growth record of Stereosternum tumidum Cope 1886 (Sauropsida, Parareptilia). Fossil Record 22: 91–110.
    DOI 10.5194/fr-22-91-2019
  • Krahl A.,Lipphaus A.,Witzel U.,Sander P.M.,Maffuci F. and Hochscheid S.(in press)
    Humerus osteology, myology, and finite element structure analysis of Cheloniidae
    Anatomical Record, vol: 2019
  • Lallensack J.N.,Engler T. and Barthel H.J. (2019)
    Shape variability in tridactyl dinosaur footprints: the significance of size and function
    Palaeontology, vol: 13:1.
  • Lallensack J.N. (2019)
    Automatic generation of objective footprint outlines
    PeerJ, vol: 7:e7203.
  • Lallensack J.N.,Ishigaki S.,Lagnaoui A.,Buchwitz M. and Wings O. (2018)
    Forelimb orientation and locomotion of sauropod dinosaurs: insights from the ?Middle Jurassic Tafaytour tracksites (Argana Basin, Morocco)
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol: 38(5):e1512501.
  • Lorscheid, T. and Rovere, A. (2019)
    The indicative meaning calculator – quantification of paleo sea-level relationships by using global wave and tide datasets. - Open Geospatial Data
    Software and Standards (2019) 4:10
  • Liu J. and Sander P.M.(in press)
    The significance of the Vossenveld Formation for understanding Anisian shallow marine biodiversity and biological recovery after the Permo-Triassic mass extinction
    In: Staringia 16, The Middle Triassic Vossenveld Formation in Winterswijk, ed. by Voeten, D. F. A. E. and During, M. and Lankamp, L., pp.
  • Martin T.,Averianov A.O.,Schultz J.A.,Schwermann A.H. and Wings O. (2019)
    Late Jurassic multituberculate mammals from Langenberg Quarry (Lower Saxony, Germany) and palaeobiogeography of European Jurassic multituberculates
    Historical Biology, vol: 6(2):1-14.
  • O'Keefe F.R.,Sander P.M.,Wintrich T. and Werning S. (2019)
    Ontogeny of Polycotylid Long Bone Microanatomy and Histology
    Integrative Organismal Biology, vol: 1(1):205.
  • Osemwegie I.,Stumpp C.,Biemi J. and Reichert B. (2019)
    Multi-tracer assessment of seasonal water source changes in coastal water systems along the southeastern coast of Ivory Coast (West Africa)
    Hydrological Sciences Journal,
  • Oukassou M.,Klein H.,Lagnaoui A.,Charrière A.,Saber H.,Gierliński G.D.,Lallensack J.N.,Hminna A.,Boumaalif A.,Oussou A. and Ouarhache D. (2019)
    Polyonyx-like tracks from Middle-?Upper Jurassic red beds of Morocco: implications for sauropod communities on southern margins of Tethys
    Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, :109394.
  • Panciroli E.,Schultz J.A. and Luo Z.-X. (2019)
    Morphology of the petrosal and stapes of Borealestes (Mammaliaformes, Docodonta) from the Middle Jurassic of Skye, Scotland
    Papers in Palaeontology, vol: 5(1):139-156.
  • Pisarska-Jamroży M.,Belzyt S.,Börner A.,Hoffmann G.,Hüneke H.,Kenzler M.,Obst K.,Rother H.,Steffen H.,Steffen R. and van Loon T. (2019)
    The sea cliff at Dwasieden: soft-sediment deformation structures triggered by glacial isostatic adjustment in front of the advancing Scandinavian Ice Sheet
    DEUQUA Special Publications, vol: 2:61--67.
    10.5194/deuquasp-2-61-2019 PDF
  • Plogschties T. and Martin T. (2019)
    New information on the maxilla, dentary, and dentition of Maotherium sinense, with comments on the zhangheotheriid dental formulae
    PalZ, vol: 100:311.
  • Samathi A., Chanthasit P. and Sander P.M. (2019)
    A review of theropod dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic to mid-Cretaceous of Southeast Asia.
    Annales de Paléontologie:1-16.
    DOI 10.4202/app.00540.2018
  • Samathi A.,Chanthasit P. and Sander P. (2019)
    Two new basal coelurosaurian theropod dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous Sao Khua Formation of Thailand
    Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, vol: 64
  • Scheyer M.T.,Klein N.,Sichelschmidt O.,Neenan J.M. and Albers P.(in press)
    Eusaurosphargis aff. dalsassoi
    In: The Middle Triassic Vossenveld Formation in Winterswijk, ed. by Voeten, D. F. A. E. and During, M. and Lankamp, L., pp.
  • Schobben M.,Gravendyck J.,Mangels F.,Struck U.,Bussert R.,Kürschner W.M.,Korn D.,Sander P.M. and Aberhan M. (2019)
    A comparative study of total organic carbon-δ13C signatures in the Triassic-Jurassic transitional beds of the Central European Basin and western Tethys shelf seas
    Newsletters on Stratigraphy, vol: 52(4):461-486.
  • Schoch R.R., Klein N., Scheyer M.T. and Sues H.-D. (2019).
    Bone histology of the stem-turtle Pappochelys rosinae reveals early steps in the evolution of the shell and indicates a predominantly terrestrial mode of life.
    Scientific Reports 9:10430
    DOI 10.1038/s41598-019-46762-z
    Mediterranean Marine Science, vol: 2019
  • Stein K.,Prondvai E.,Huang T.,Baele J.-M.,Sander P.M. and Reisz R. (2019)
    Structure and evolutionary implications of the earliest (Sinemurian, Early Jurassic) dinosaur eggs and eggshells
    Scientific reports, vol: 9(1):4424.
  • Stinnesbeck E.S.,Rust J. and Herder F. (2019)
    Paleobiology and taphonomy of the pycnodont fish Nursallia gutturosum, based on material from the Latest-Cenomanian-middle Turonian Vallecillo platy limestone, Mexico
    PalZ, vol: 60(4):479.
  • Sprinkel D.A.,Bennis M.B.,Gray D.E. and Gee C.T.(2019)
    Stratigraphic setting of Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) permineralized wood sites near Dinosaur National Monument, Uintah County, Utah
    Geology of the Intermountain West, vol: 2019(vol. 6: A1-A5):61-76.
  • Weinmann A.E.,Goldstein S.T.,Triantaphyllou M.V. and Langer M.R. (2019)
    Effects of sampling site, season, and substrate on foraminiferal assemblages grown from propagule banks from lagoon sediments of Corfu Island (Greece, Ionian Sea)
    PloS one, vol: 14(6):e0219015.
  • Wintrich T.,Jonas R.,Wilke H.-J.,Schmitz L. and Sander P.M. (2019)
    Neck mobility in the Jurassic plesiosaur Cryptoclidus eurymerus : finite element analysis as a new approach to understanding the cervical skeleton in fossil vertebrates
    PeerJ, vol: 7(1):e7658.
  • Yang T.-R.,Wiemann J.,Xu L.,Cheng Y.-N.,Wu X. and Sander M. (2019)
    Reconstruction of oviraptorid clutches illuminates their unique nesting biology
    Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, vol: 64
  • Zhou C.-F.,Bhullar B.-A.S.,Neander A.I.,Martin T. and Luo Z.-X. (2019)
    New Jurassic mammaliaform sheds light on early evolution of mammal-like hyoid bones
    Science (New York, N.Y.), vol: 365(6450):276-279.