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Publikationen 2020

  • Agliano A.,  Sander P.M. and Wintrich T. (2020).
    Bone histology and mircroanatomy of Edaphosaurus and Dimetrodon (Amniota, Synapsida) vertebrae from the Lower Permian of Texas.
    Anatomical Record:1-36.
  • Al Juboury, A.I., Hussain, S.H,, McCann, T. & Aghwan, T.A. 2020.
    Clay mineral diagenesis and red bed colouration: An SEM study of the Gercus Formation (Middle Eocene), northern Iraq.
    Geological Journal 20, 1-21.
  • Aureliano T.A.M.,Ghilardi J.C.G.S.,Martinelli A.G.,Ribeiro L.C.B.,Marinho T.,Fernandes M.A.,Ricardi-Branco F. and Sander P.M.(2020)
    Influence of taphonomy on histological evidence for vertebral pneumaticity in a Late Cretaceous titanosaur from South America
    Cretaceous Research 108(104337):1-8.
  • Becker, A. & Schäfer, A. (2020)
    Isopach maps of Rotliegend Formations in the Saar-Nahe Basin (Carboniferous Permian, SW Germany).
    EEK, Erdöl – Erdgas – Kohle, 136, 2, 28-34.
  • Becker, A. & Schäfer, A. (2020)
    Depth contour maps for the Rotliegend formations of the central Saar-Nahe Basin, SW Germany.
    Z. Dt. Ges. Geowiss., 171: 429–442, Stuttgart. DOI: 10.1127/zdgg/2020/0253
  • Čerňanský, A., Klein, N., Renesto, S., Michalík, J., Šurka, J., and Sentpetéry, M. (2020).
    The first skeletal evidence of an Upper Triassic (Rhaetian) diapsid reptile in Western Carpathians (Strážovské Mountains, Slovakia).
    Geologica Carpathica, 71, 2, 134–149. .
  • Gomez N., Weber M.E. , Clark P., Jerry X. Mitrovica J. X. and Han K.K. (2020):
    Antarctic dynamics amplified by Northern Hemisphere sea-level forcing,
    Nature, DOI: 10.1038/s441586-020-2916-2
  • Haubold, H. and Klein, N. (2020).
    Literaturbericht. Choristodera 2000 - 2019.
    Zentralblatt für Geologie Paläontologie Teil II 2018, 5/6, 369–389.
  • Klein N., Schmitz L., Wintrich T. and  Sander P. M. (2020).
    A new cymbospondylid ichthyosaur (Ichthyosauria) from the Middle Triassic (Anisian) of Nevada, USA.
    Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. Vol. 18, issue 14,
    DOI: 10.1080/14772019.2020.1748132.
  • Kamoun M., Zaibi C., Langer M.R., Khadraoui A., Hamad,A.B., Khalifa K.B., Carbonel P. and Youssef, M.B. (2020):
    Environmental evolution of the Acholla coast (Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia) during the past 2000 years as inferred from paleontological and
    sedimentological proxies.

    Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, 296(3): 217-235.
    DOI: 10.1127/njgpa/2020/0897
  • Konietzko-Meier, D., Teschner E., Bodzioch A., and  Sander P. M. (2020). Pentadactyl manus of the Metoposaurus krasiejowensis from the Late Triassic of Poland, the first record of pentadactyly among Temnospondyli.
    Journal of Anatomy 2020:1-11.
  • Koenigswald W.v. and Reumer J. (2020)
    The enamel microstructure of fossil and extant shrews (Soricidae and Heterosoricidae, Mammalia) and its taxonomical significance.
    Palaeontographica A316: 76-164
  • Omar, N., McCann, T., Al-Juboury, A.I. and Franz, S.O. (2020)
    Petrography and geochemistry of the Middle–Upper Jurassic Banik section, northernmost Iraq – Implications for palaeoredox, evaporitic and diagenetic conditions.
    Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, 297 (2): 125-152.
  • Prinz, L. & McCann, T. 2020.
    Sand injectites: from source to emplacement - an example from the Miocene aggge Frimmersdorf Seam, Garzweiler Open-cast Mine, Lower Rhine Embayment.
    In: Silcock, S., Huuse, M., Bowman, M., Hurst, A. & Cobain, S. (eds) Subsurface Sand Remobilization and Injection.
    Geological Society, London, Special Publication 493
  • Richter, J., Litt, T., Lehmkuhl, F., Hense, A., Hauck, T.C., Leder, D.F., Miebach, A., Parow-Souchon, H., Sauer, F., Schoenenberg, J., Al-Nahar, M., Hussain, S.T. (2020)
    Al Ansab and the Dead Sea: Mid-MIS 3 archaeology and environment of the early Achmarian population of the Levantine corridor.
    PLOS ONE 15(10): e0239968.
  • Skutschas P.P.,Markova V.D.,Kolchanov V.V.,Averianov A.O.,Martin T., Schellhorn R.,Kolosov P.N.,Grigoriev D.V.,Vitenko D.D.,Obraztsova E.M. and Danilov I.G. (2020)
    Basal turtle material from the Lower Cretaceous of Yakutia (Russia) filling the gap in the Asian record
    Cretaceous Research, vol: 106:104186.
  • Stulpinaite, R., Hyams-Kaphzan, O. and Langer, M. (2020).
    Alien and cryptogenic Foraminifera in the Mediterranean Sea: A revision of taxa as part of the EU 2020 Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
    Mediterranean Marine Science, 21(3), 719-758.
  • Tsiamis, K., Azzurro, E., Bariche, M., Çinar, M. E., Crocetta, F., De Clerck, O., Galil, B., Gomez, F., Hoffman, R., Jensen, K., Kamburska, L., Langeneck, J., Langer, M.R., Levitt-Barmats, Y., Lezzi, M., Marchini, A., Occhipinti-Ambrogi, A., Ojaveer, H., Piraino, S., Shenkar, N., Yankova, M., Zenetos, A., Žuljević, A. & Cardoso, A.C., (2020)
    Prioritizing marine invasive alien species in the EU through Horizon Scanning.
    Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 1–52.
    DOI: 10.1002/aqc.3267
  • Winterscheid  H. (2020):
    Typifications in fossil-species of Brasenia, Magnolia, Vitis  and Symplocos from the central European Neogene.
    Phytotaxa, 428 (2): 113–121.
  • Wintrich, T., Scaal M., Böhmer C., Schellhorn R., Kogan I., van der Reest A. and Sander P.M. (2020).
    Palaeontological evidence reveals convergent evolution of intervertebral joint types in amniotes.
    Scientific Reports 10(14106):1-14.