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Publikationen 2022

  • Mähler, B., Janssen, K., Tahoun, M., Tomaschek, F., Schellhorn, R., Müller, C.E., Bierbaum, G. & Rust, J. (2022): Adipocere formation in biofilms as a first step in soft tissue preservation. – Scientific Reports, DOI:101038/s41598-022-14119-8
  • Peris, D., Mähler, B. & Kolibáč, J. (2022): Review of the family Thanerocleridae (Coleoptera: Cleroidea) and the description of Thanerosus gen. nov. from Cretaceous amber using micro-CT scanning. – Insects, DOI:10.3390/insects13050438
  • Jiang, H., Tomaschek, F., Muscente, A.D., Niu, C., Tin Nyunt, T., Fang, Y., Schmidt, U., Chen, J., Lönartz, M., Mähler, B., Wappler, T., Jarzembowski, E.A., Szwedo, J., Zhang, H., Rust, J. & Wang, B. (2022): Widespread mineralization of soft-bodied insects in Cretaceous amber. – Geobiology, DOI:10.1111/gbi.12488